Cheerleading Music Mix

USA Cheer Compliant Music Provider

Serving Quality Cheerleading Music to Squads World-Wide Since 1999

Custom Cheer Music

$125 per 0:30

2 Custom Voice Overs Included
(along with many high quality custom generic Voice Overs)

Choose from a large library of cover songs

Rush Order Option

8-count sheet option

On-Time Guarantee – If you do not receive your mix by midnight on your due date then you will get 25% off your total mix cost.

Current Turn-Around Time – 15 Business Days
(turn-around times are subject to change with increased demand. It is wise to lock-in your mix early)

Thank You!  Use coupon code “sharedit” (without the quotes on the order form)


*more USA cheer compliant samples coming soon

About Our Mixes

Continually Evolving and Refining since 1999

Mixes that flow, characterized by creative Voice-Overs
& cleanly mixed transitions

Voice-Overs without over-powering sound fx

Typical Mix

Tempo: 130-145 BPM (does not vary)

*sometimes we blend 2 songs without transition

1:30 Mix: approx.  27 8-counts

2:30 Mix: approx.  45 8-counts

Are your mixes USA Cheer Compliant?

Yes. is a preferred music vendor. (full list here)

We use properly licensed material and provide you the license details to be able to prove compliance at events. 

I heard covers were not allowed. How are you able to use covers?

We have consulted extensively with our legal council to be sure that the source of our covers and the way we are using them is compliant and legal.  We will be providing all of the necessary licensing and documentation needed for event producers.

Why only 2 custom Voice Overs included?

We have a large library of custom "generic" voice overs that are amazing that we will use liberally throughout your mix.

We have found that 2 custom voice overs is all that is generally necessary.  We do have options for adding additional custom voice overs at an affordable fee.

Do you offer Pre-Made Cheer Music?

We do not offer pre-made cheer music.  We only offer custom cheer music tailored unique for each squad.

How do I choose songs?

Currently we are using the USA Cheer preferred vendor, unleashthebeats as the source for compliant cover songs.

Simply search their ever-growing library of cover songs and enter the title onto your order form.

It is best to choose covers that are 120-160 bpm.  Covers outside this range typically will not mix well.

We are School. How do we do we get an invoice for a Purchase Order?

Simply fill out our order form and enter the coupon code "PO" (without the quotes) to make the total zero.  Email us an invoice request and we will send you an invoice for the PO.  Once your check clears and we have all the necessary mix details we will assign you mix to one of our mixers and your turn-around time clock starts.

Do you offer volume discounts?

Yes! if you are going to be ordering 5 or more custom mixes we will be offering a 10% discount.  Please contact us and we will be sure to take the full 10% off all your mixes off of your final mix order.