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Cheerleading-Music-Mix.com offers a private membership for those interested in pre-made cheerleading music. We reserve the right to decline access to anyone without cause or reason. We are a service providing its members with music mixes designed for use in conjunction with live performances of cheer and dance routines.

By registering for our private membership you certify that you are representing or operating on behalf of a performing cheer or dance team with will use any material obtained from cheerleading-music-mix.com for the sole purpose of enhancing your live performance and will not sell, resell, broadcast or redistribute any of the files acquired from cheerleading-music-mix.com.

Our services are provided for the sole purpose of enhancing a cheer or dance team’s overall live performance.

Our services are NOT authorized by the general public. Members must be affiliated with cheer and dance teams who perform live in approved venues. Members will be stringently vetted via the application process before being able to access the Private Member area of cheerleading-music-mix.com.

You must be logged into your account to use the services. If you do not have an account you must register for an account and complete the application process in order to have your membership approved. Please check the email account you used (and check your spam folder) during the registration process.

By registering for an account below you are agreeing to the terms set forth in the membership application as well as the terms set forth in our terms and services and user agreement documents which may be found on cheerleading-music-mix.com.Any violation of these agreements or failures to comply with said terms may result in expulsion of your membership and possible legal recourse.

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